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Hi, I’m Michael Stein.

For the past 15 years I have been helping small, medium and huge businesses scale their revenue through targeted digital marketing campaigns by using advanced digital strategies to generate more leads and increase bottom-line revenue. 

I design, develop, and execute, fully integrated digital marketing campaigns, across Google, Facebook/Instagram, Youtube, & Email channels.

Focused on accelerating growth through tactical, analytics-based initiatives, dynamic website development and aggressive social engagement strategies. 

Whether you have an in-house marketing team but no clear digital strategy or direction or you need a fully integrated digital marketing solution, I will work with you as an extension or addition to your team to help you achieve your marketing goals.

My client list includes Fortune 100 companies and local service businesses alike. They find value in executive strategies and tactical implementation that drives results

My experience comes from having built, managed, and sold several 7-figure businesses. How many consultants can say that?


How I Grow Digital Strategies

I help my clients generate more qualified leads with advanced PPC campaigns, high-impact landing pages, and segmented email marketing.​

Lead Generation

Professional Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube ad management for growth focused clients.

Landing Page Design

Custom built solutions focused on your customer to drive more sales.

Email & SMS Management

Lead generation through advanced segmentation & personalized workflows.​

Conversion Optimization

Full funnel & user experience expertise, shortening the path to conversion for qualified web traffic.

Managed Services

End-to-end agile project management for short term engagements or day-to-day execution with technical expertise.

Dozens of A-list clients can't be wrong

“Michael is straightforward, he underpromises and overdelivers. It continues to be a pleasure to work with him.”
Ronu Hijiki, CMO, Multi-Unit Franchisee, Subway Restaurants​
“I have worked with Michael for the last 7 years for which he has exceeded my expectations at every level. He is an extremely honest and transparent individual. He drives real growth and I couldn’t do it without him!”
Charles Beatty, Creative Director, KGM Music Group/Sony Music Group
“Michael is one of the few consultants worth working with. Great insights, very knowledgeable.”
Leo Palatnik, Co-Founder at Globex
“Michael and his team are worth every cent! Incredible communication, clear and straightforward. He executes the strategy on-point”
Nicole Bates, Director at Dynamic
“I had the pleasure of working with Michael for a number of years. He approaches his work with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism and has never shied away from any challenge. Michael is the kind of person you want on your team, especially when problems surface and you need workable solutions. Michael is a standup person and delivers results.”
Joseph Franklin, CEO at Vehement

Need an Adwords Audit?​

Have an existing Adwords account, but not capturing enough leads or sales? Consider an account audit:

✓ Reduce wasted spend
✓ Reduce Cost Per Click
✓ Introduce new functions
✓ Refine your marketing strategy

Landing Pages Not Converting?

Have an existing Adwords account, but not capturing enough leads or sales? Consider an account audit:

✓ Reduce wasted spend
✓ Reduce Cost Per Click
✓ Introduce new functions
✓ Refine your marketing strategy


I am not dramatic enough to claim that all agencies within this profession are evil. Far from it. However, most agencies are crippled by scalability issues, and consequently 90% of them adopt a model where lower-tier and mid-tier employees perform the vast majority of work for all clients. 

Meanwhile, the most experienced, most skilled, and most articulate senior-level employees focus on sales and on-boarding, only occasionally stepping in to solve the most complex problems and to prevent clients from cancelling.

This is clearly a flawed model – it emphasizes and lubricates the sales process (cha-ching!), but inevitably it causes frustration for clients once the torch is passed from the skilled employees to the junior ones. Unsurprisingly, retention is a persistent problem for most large agencies.

It’s important to know who you’re working with. When we work together, I will be the strategist, the project manager, and the executor of all work. Always.


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