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Paid search + email automation

When it was time to launch “The Reuben” in the Arizona market, retargeting was a major component of Subway’s marketing plan. Post Jared-era, a digital strategy was developed based on three elements, “has memorable advertising,” “has advertising I can relate to” and has “advertising that makes me hungry.”

Scope of Work

Targeted ads were based on a customer list and a lookalike audience (algorithm-curated to reach those who demonstrate similar online behavior to their existing list). Post-launch sales were 8% higher than those in two similar markets who launched without targeting and all other factors being equal.

Engel & Volkers



When Engel & Volkers needed to sell a multimillion-dollar estate, they choose us to create highly targeted ads to engage both potential buyers and sellers.

Scope of Work

Developed a separate campaign to reach luxury real estate brokers. Within two months, this property went under contract.


Paid search + social media marketing

For both Rocco’s Taco’s 9th Anniversary and their weekly Taco Tuesdays events, Rocco wanted multiple Snapchat filters and geofenced targeted ads to engage with a younger demographic.

Scope of Work

Facebook + Instagram Advertising / Snapchat Filters / Geotargeting


Google analytics + Web design


When DS Laboratories, an online retailer selling hair restoration products, wanted to increase online sales and lower the cost of user acquisition, they turned to MSX Digital for tracking Google Analytics across-multiple platforms. First they used the Enhanced Ecommerce feature in Analytics to better understand which parts of the digital shopping journey — such as homepage banners — drove sales.

They also used Enhanced Ecommerce to monitor inventory and ensure they weren’t wasting ad spend on out-of-stock products. Then they created Analytics audiences of users who had visited the site but not made a purchase and delivered ads to this audience to re-engage them and drive conversions.


Together these strategies drove a 128% increase in revenue, 11% increase in Ecommerce conversion rate, and a 300% return on ad spend.


Paid search + email automation

Built from the ground up, ShadesDaddy has become one of the largest, independent online retailers of sunglasses and eyewear. We have been partners since day one.

Scope of Work

Web Design, Shopping Cart Analytics, Abandonment Recovery, Retargeting, Paid Advertising (Google/Facebook), SEO, Amazon

Las Vegas Eye Studies

paid search + google analytics


Needing an agency who understands the dynamic of Medical/Pharmaceutical restrictions, following an investment of $12,000 on TV, yielding zero leads, they sought after a Google Adwords strategy.

Scope of Work

Creation of landing page with lead capture, targeted paid search strategy with initial emphasis on keyword research and competitor analysis. Built-out landing pages, AdWords campaigns, and call tracking. Optimized the backend of the website, installation of Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking.


web design

New York Real Estate start-up Bedrock is a technology-based sales and marketing firm, that needed web presence which would showcase their new virtual reality home tours.

Scope of Work

Developed an interactive homepage and integrated their private listings, making buying, renting, and listing an easy process with a minimalist feel. Additional features included email automation, analytics, and remarketing.

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