Google Guarantee for Flooring Professionals

Google Local Service Ads for Flooring Professionals

Flooring companies are now eligible to become Google Guaranteed, this is a huge opportunity to be positioned at the top of Google Local Searches and convey credibility online!

Eligible flooring companies that become Google Guaranteed will receive a Google Badge of Trust which separates them from competitors by letting prospects know that Google backs their business!

For flooring pros to become Google Guaranteed, they must first pass Google’s vetting and verification process – those who qualify will receive their Badge of Trust and become eligible to run Google Local Service Ads.

Google Local Service Ads for flooring pros are the ads that appear at the very top of Google Local Search results, even above paid ads!

These are launched on a pay-per-lead basis and you choose the budget!

Flooring companies nationwide are becoming Google Guaranteed, this is your chance to jump to the top of local search results and start getting new qualified leads!

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