📍 Google My Business Execution Plan

How is this Action Plan designed?

Simple goal: Keep it simple, useful, and usable.

Some of these strategies may surprise you for their simplicity.

I’ve found that over-complicating things adds a lot of “fat” to the process.

Things that were very complex had two negative affects on my results:

Complex strategies meant they were not fully executed (due to overwhelm).
Specific elements of those complex strategies were generating the bulk of results (Wikipedia: the 80/20 Rule ).
In other words, simple is almost always better (Wikipedia: Occam’s Razor).

I’ve personally used all of these strategies and processes for optimizing Google My Business listings.

If I’m keeping things simple, and seeing great results, then I’m going to give you the same.

Anything else would be a disservice.

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📊 Tracking Your Performance

🎁 Bonus Report: Engagement Overdrive

GMB Listing Optimization

This is the first step to building a high performance Google My Business listing.

There are a few sections within the optimization phase.

Optimization Checklist: Your go-to resource for correctly setting up your listing.

Photo Optimization: Processes for optimizing photos on multiple levels.

Adding a FAQ Section: How to use the Questions and Answers section to your advantage.

Sync with Bing Places: In just 5 minutes, your listing will start appearing in Bing searches.

Messaging: How to enable and use the messaging feature.

Local Landing Pages: A visual explanation of what a search engine optimized landing page looks like.

Website Schema: Simple code should be added to your website. If you don’t have a website, you can skip this process.

Online Offers: If you’re offering online services or appointments – you can add them to your listing.

GMB Citations

This section includes processes for maximizing the number of accurate citations for your listing.

(You’ll also learn what citations are, if you need a refresher.)

Getting Started with Citations: Your go-to resource for building citations. Includes a Citations Directory.

Leveraging Press Releases for Citations: This is an advanced strategy for expanding your citations footprint. This should be done after you’ve followed the processes in the Getting Started with Citations section.


GMB Reviews

Reviews are more than just the driving force in determining your listing’s visibility (and they’re a big one).

They are social proof.

They show the overall health of your company in a review-driven economy.

One could say mastering the review process alone means more customers (both in and outside of Google My Business).

Here are processes to build your review generating machine:

Requesting Reviews: Manual and automated ways to request reviews.

Increasing Review Velocity: Ready to bolster your review velocity? These two simple strategies will get you there.

Getting Reviews in Sensitive Markets: This is currently the best way to consistently generate reviews in markets where customers don’t want to openly talk about their experiences.

GMB Maximizing Engagement

If you’re reading this, you should have:

A bullet-proof listing with optimized images.
Citations that boost your listing’s authority.
Raving reviews consistently coming in.
Now it’s time to push your listing over the top by enhancing your visibility and (ethically) gaming engagement rates.

Google My Business Posts: Everything you need to start consistently posting content to your listing.

Expanding Your Visibility: How to combine posts and photos with geo-tagging to expand your listing’s visibility.

Bolstering Engagement Rates: This section features two processes to increase your page’s engagement rate.

Report Fake Listings: Fake listings can crowd your market and hurt your visibility.

GMB Reporting

Tracking Performance: Here are two ways to track the performance of your listing.

GMB Engagement Overdrive

This report outlines a specific strategy I use to bolster engagement signals on optimized listings.

Introduction: A quick word about the report. This will help you stay focused on what matters.

When To Use This Strategy: See how this fits with the Execution Plan.

Why This Works: Get a deeper understanding of why this deceptively simple process works.

The Process: The exact process to follow.

What *Not* To Do: Thinking about using this strategy for your website? Read this first.


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