Sync with Bing Places

Bing has its own version of Google My Business.

It’s called Bing Places for Business.

Why should you care?

Bing only drives a fraction of searches compared to Google.

But – it still drives about 500 million searches per month (in the US alone).

As a business, it’s important to try and maximize your reach as much as possible.

And Bing has made it very easy for us.

Bing allows us to sync our Google My Business listings with their platform.

This means:

  • Your listing is auto-verified.
  • All of your business information is synced with Google My Business – so you don’t need to re-enter it.
  • In just 5 minutes – and with minimal work – you are giving your listing the opportunity to be found by customers on a third search engine (on top of Google Search and Google Maps).

Before you start

It’s best to complete all of the other processes in this section.

At the bare minimum, you should have completed the Optimization Checklist before doing this.

This will ensure the optimized version of your listing is synced with Bing.

The process

  • Check the box for “I want to sync my business data with Google My Business at regular intervals.”

  • If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you will be given some options to sign in:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Your listing will be successfully imported and verified.
  • From there, you may need to add your business category. You can do that by clicking the “Add Category” link:

  • Select your Business Segment and Categories (similar to what you did with Google My Business):

After completing this process, your listing will now begin to appear for relevant searches on Bing.

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