How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Sales

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth marketing no longer gets the job done when it comes to attracting new customers for your flooring company. Services are no longer recommended through neighbors, but rather web pages, online forums, and search engine filters. According to a 2019 Statista survey, 33% of Americans said that they search the internet daily to find local businesses in their area. Your flooring business needs to stand out from the online masses in order to generate leads and build on retention, ultimately increasing your sales.

In order for your business to do that, you will need to implement marketing strategies that are tailored for your company. One of the most important strategies to utilize is email marketing. The benefits of email marketing are simple: connect with your database of customers, keep them informed on specials or offers, and grow your client base. As flooring contractors, what might be less simple is actually how to do this.

Here at MSX Digital, we know a thing or two about creating impactful email marketing campaigns. We’ve compiled some tips to show you how to get the most out of your marketing strategies, including how to use flooring email marketing to your advantage!

Keep It Personal and Simple: 

Email marketing benefits your company by driving traffic to your website. With that said, make sure when potential customers arrive there, they’re impressed with your site. Post-sign-up forums are everywhere throughout your website prompting visitors to join the email list.

Remember to be creative. The best way for your emails to be sent to the dreaded spam folder, (and lose potential customers), is by only posting the same, generic promotional copy. In the age of expressive social media platforms, make your emails engaging and give them a purpose. Getting customers to open your email is one thing, but getting them to actually read it can lead to more sales opportunities.

Include a Call to Action:

You know that your flooring business offers the best services around, but there are thousands of potential customers that don’t know that yet! Email marketing allows you to connect with your customers and give them a reason to visit your website. Every email that is sent needs to include some form of a call to action. Messages that contain action calls, such as a “click here to learn more” link, increase engagement and create a sense of involvement for your customers. One strategy you could take would be to ask customers to provide testimonials about their customer experience via email, and then post them to your social media channels. Build a community through your messaging.

Manage and Record Your Database:

It’s obvious to tell whether your flooring business is successful or not. What may not be clear exactly is which marketing strategies are the most effective, and which are possibly a waste. Through email marketing, you can keep records of which efforts are generating the most leads, or what percentage of your emails result in the most clicks to your website. Making small adjustments based on these records can help you direct your efforts toward more beneficial ones. This can cut your unnecessary marketing spending and maximize earnings. This data can also help you segment your email lists into groups so that the right clients are getting the relevant emails.

Starting an email marketing campaign may seem like a daunting task. Our experts at MSX Digital will assemble a strategic plan to grow your customer base, analyze your click-through and open rates, and ensure that you’re engaged and connected with your current customers. If you’re interested in learning more about how our unique marketing campaigns can increase your sales, connect with our team today.

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