What Type Of Chemicals Are Used In Commercial Pressure Washing?

The choice of chemicals used can dictate how effective a pressure washing service is. It all depends on what kind of dirt is present.

Different areas require different sets of cleaning materials. What works in one place may not work somewhere else.

This is one consideration in choosing the right pressure washing company. Looking at what chemicals they use can help you see if they know what they’re doing.

After all, what good is their power washing service if they use the wrong tools for the job?

The chemicals used in commercial pressure washing are often for the following purposes:
Concrete degreasing

  • Graffiti removal
  • Hoods and ducts
  • House and deck washing
  • Masonry restoration
  • Paint and coatings removal
  • Vehicle washing
  • General-purpose cleaning

If you notice, each of the areas on this list has different concerns. What works for regular degreasing may not work for paint removal.

Masonry restoration has its own nuances as well.

Here’s a short list of some of the usual chemicals used in commercial pressure washing:

  • Oxalic acid – useful in rust removal and other similar cleaning processes.
  • Citric acid – stain removal and cleaning of concrete driveways or wooden decks.
  • Sodium hypochlorite – disinfects and removes stains.
  • Sodium hydroxide – dissolves grease and fats and works well on glass and steel.
  • Bleach – sanitizes and disinfects aggressively. This is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite.
  • Ammonia – effective in cleaning stainless steel and glass.
  • Potassium hydroxide – used in making liquid soap or soft soap.

Note that this is just a shortlist. Every pressure washing company uses a different list of products they use. Most of the main ingredients remain the same.

However, they may be using different brands.

The way they mix these solutions may be different as well. This may mean different levels of strength, depending on the need.

A lot of pressure washing companies also mix their own cleaning solutions. Some may use alternatives for some of the chemicals.

But the important thing here is to ensure the safety of everything they use. You can find out about the environmental impact of these chemicals.

Make sure your chosen commercial pressure washing service has precautions in place. This way, you can make sure your business is cleaned the safest way possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, too.

These are chemicals we’re talking about, after all. Know about what their effects are.

Cleanliness is good, but safety always comes first.

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